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'Music Icons' series

All portraits in oil on canvas, 18x24in/46x61cm, on 35mm bars (except*).
Originals will be available from 8/10/22 except where noted.
All available as prints on canvas at 18x24in to order, most also as A3 mounted prints (on paper), some as 20x28in posters.
For further details see How to buy page.

Subjects thus far:

• Debbie Harry
• Robert Plant
• Mick Jagger
• Rihanna
• Marc Bolan
• Madonna
• Amy Winehouse
• John Lennon SOLD
• Prince
• George Michael
• Kate Bush
• Elton John
• Paul Weller*
• Tina Turner*
• Freddie Mercury*
• David Bowie* SOLD


Other portraits

Commissions or portfolio pieces
If you are interested in your own commission see 'How to buy'


The artist retains all reproductive rights to her work and may use any resulting images in any media (unless otherwise agreed with client). No other copies of the artist's work, either print or digital, may be made, sold, shared or distributed – whether by an owner of the work or anyone else – without the artist's express permission and attribution as specified.
Do not AI.