A new 'Originals' price list will be uploaded shortly.

Meanwhile if you would like to purchase any of my work (or prints thereof), or commission something new, please contact me via the form at the bottom of the page. Thank you.


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Historic-style Portraits

(as on view at Athelhampton House). If you are interested in this please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Some portraits (ready-made or private commission) can be reproduced in print on canvas, usually done at 18x24in/46x61cm to order at £150 (other sizes may be available) – this includes almost all 'Music Icon' portraits. Please enquire.

Most 'Music Icon' portraits are also available as A3 mounted prints, signed & sleeved, at £40 each or posters (currently David Bowie only), signed & tubed, 20x28in/50x70cm at £30.


Regrettably I no longer make new drawings to commission.


Please use the contact form for all purchasing enquiries

Due to the investment of time and materials, all commissions or specific orders require a 33% non-returnable deposit.

P&P/carriage extra.



Some non-portrait paintings are available, almost exclusively 'Shorescapes' of the Dorset coastline.
Please see Other Work page for details.


NB: The artist retains all reproductive rights to her work and may use any resulting images in any media (unless otherwise agreed with client). No other copies, either print or digital, may be made, sold, shared or distributed – whether by the eventual owner of the work or anyone else – without the artist's express permission and attribution as specified.



Guidance for commissioning a portrait

Consider, first, where your finished portrait will be hung – would a tall or wide, large or more modest-sized portrait sit better there? Is there a colour scheme it should work with? How will it be lit? Would the painting be better on a box canvas, to perhaps hang unframed, or on canvas board for you to frame to your taste? What does your instinct tell you to go for?

Please note, I do not offer multi-subject portraits. (Anyway, it may be preferable to have a pair, or a series, of canvasses that complement each other – not only do they line up nicely on a wall, but when the kids go off to their own households they can each take their paintings with them!)


For private commissions, the best results happen if I can meet with the subject to make sketches and take my own reference photographs (I rarely do portraits from life... who has the time to sit?) – this way I can be confident that my source material is suitable. I would urge this course if possible.

However, if this not practical and you are providing the photographs I can only work from what I receive, so they must be of high quality – pin sharp, well-defined and with good contrast at high resolution, at least. If this is our way forward then once you have formally initiated your commission I can provide detailed guidance on how to send (and take, if necessary) any photos required. NB third-party photographs should only be used with the owner/photographer's consent.


While we will settle on size and medium in advance, nowadays I favour painting in oils – the process takes time but it best serves my process and gives, I believe, a rich and subtle result. I usually paint on canvas, or canvas board if preferred. As to treatment, or 'style'... that is something I cannot force, as I find that each face dictates its own progress as the portrait evolves – the individual subject will always make his or her own way to the surface! Within an agreed timeframe you will (if you cannot visit in person) be emailed a low-resolution digital copy of the portrait, when I feel it is close to finished, for your approval. In all instances I will achieve a likeness and the painting will not be deemed finished until you are happy with it. 

Payment (preferably by bank transfer) is due on final emailed approval, after which delivery of your portrait will be facilitated as soon as possible. Carriage or post can be arranged if collection or delivery in person is impractical.

If family or friends would like print-on-canvas copies of the portrait this can be arranged.

Please get in touch with any queries: