02 December 2020

As lockdown (No.2) ends, Athelhampton House reopens to the public and with it my portrait of Henry VIII goes on show!

The third in the series commissioned by Athelhampton's owner, 'my' Henry is based on the famous 1536 Holbein painting of the Tudor king (itself several hundred years out of copyright, phew) – as with the other two, cribbing was a necessity, as it's not as if there were any decent photos from life for me to work from!

Delivered just before lockdown, the Henry portrait is now hung in the Great Hall on the adjacent wall to my portrait of his daughter, Elizabeth I. The first painting in the series, that of traitorous 16th century resident Chidiock Tichborne, is in the King's Ante Chamber.

To read an article about this project (with more photos) click this Nub News link.