17 December 2022

A very recent addition to my range is greetings cards, little versions of my portraits of 'music icons'.

Front and centre of this image is the most recently-painted of these, Debbie Harry. (I know, I've painted her before, but a lot of paint's flowed under the bridge since then and not only has the style evolved but the work is now completed in oils. Quite different.)

The 5x7in cards are available for sale at my studio (find me there most Saturdays 11-3, plus it's open on Wednesdays with Sally), at Athelhampton House, and at Clocktower Too, the record shop next to the cinema in Bridport's South Street with the uncanny Bowie waxwork staring out of the window! They cost £3 each or £10 for an assortment of four. If you can't get to a point of sale, but would like some cards, message me for further details.

Something to send to your music fan friends!